Easy Trade France

Easy Trade France is specialist in window display decoration and tailor-made shops fittings (small furniture, accessories furniture in plexi, wood or metal).

Our productions will highlight your products according to your ideas and shops.

Our professional team will do its best to solve your merchandising constraints and to increase your display products’ quality in shops.

Our Advantages

  • 15 years of experience in the merchandising and operational marketing => a very good knowledge and understanding of your logistics’ and shops constraints.
  • 20 years of experience in international sourcing => more than 130 partner’s factories.
  • A commercial office in France and a sourcing and buying office in China => an unbeatable factory proximity.
  • A global treatment at all steps of your project : from the technical file to the delivery, including production and quality control.
  • The possibility of mixing different materials in a single product => no limit to your ideas.

Our target

  • Bringing you a global solution to ease the product’s staging by increasing your visual impact.
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