Beasy World Sourcing

Beasy World Sourcing is at your service to take over your purchases from the Asian continent.

Our double expertise in both sourcing and quality control helps to ensures the quality level requested by our customers while increasing their margins.

The selected factories respect strict specifications imposed by our own quality controllers.

Our professional team will be committed to find the most adapted factory to your quality level, to support you in your product range development and to answer you merchandising issues. All the processes we will apply together will help you to safely develop your new series.

Our assets

  • 20 years of experience in international sourcing.
  • A 130 partner factories network.
  • 15 years of experience in the merchandising and operational marketing.
  • A commercial office in France and a sourcing and buying office in China => An unbeatable factory proximity.
  • A global treatment at all steps of your project: from the request to the delivery, including production and quality control.

Our target

  • Bringing you a global solution to ease your purchases and optimize your profit margin !